Tripping Over The Dog Caused That?

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Tripping Over The Dog Caused That?

Today I came in for my regularly scheduled chiropractic adjustment. While getting ready to adjust me, Dr. Pearson asked if I had tripped or fallen since I was in last Friday.

I had totally forgotten that I had, in fact, tripped over the dog over the weekend!

I wondered to my self how the heck Dr. Dave knew this – I hadn’t told him about it! I was stunned by his response: “I knew you had to have done something because of the change in your leg lengths; one is shorter than the other.”

Since I was face down on the adjusting table and couldn’t see this difference, I asked if my Mom could come in and take a picture of it with her phone.

We took a picture before my adjustment and after my adjustment. What an amazing change! After my adjustment my leg lengths were completely even!

It literally shows how amazing a chiropractic adjustment truly is.


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Welcome! My name is Dr. David Pearson. Please let me take a moment to share some of my background with you. I have been practicing chiropractic for over 25 years, and I am committed to providing better health and a better way of life to my patients by teaching and practicing the principles of chiropractic wellness. After completing the same undergraduate study that other types of doctors do, for me to become a Chiropractic Physician required another four years of postgraduate college education. I attended Palmer College of Chiropractic graduating summa cum laude in 1985. I have taken advanced courses in quite a few different techniques, such as Gonstead, Thompson, Logan Basic and extremity adjusting. Before going into practice I had to pass a rigorous National Board Examination and stringent licensing requirements. I currently hold licenses to practice in Florida, New York and Colorado. I am a member of the Florida Chiropractic Association (FCA). I also attend post graduate seminars each year and read professional healthcare journals to keep up with the latest research and techniques in chiropractic. I am originally from Western New York, a small town south of the Buffalo -Niagra Falls region, called Jamestown. Lucille Ball was also from Jamestown. My wife, children, and I moved to Palm Coast, Florida a year and a half ago.
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