How a car accident devastated my life

auto accident

Our Patients Speak

I was involved in a car accident on July 15, 2011. I was hurting after the accident, but I didn’t see a doctor until the beginning of September; I had to do something, my headaches and back pain were becoming unbearable. I started care with one of the larger rehabilitation offices in town and went to them for 6 weeks. In all that time, they focused on therapies. Lots of therapies. I only had 2 chiropractic adjustments during those 6 weeks.

At first I saw some improvement, especially with my sinuses, but then I started to get worse, and soon I was in constant pain daily. My headaches were terrible! On a scale of 1 to 10 (1= no pain and 10=excruciating pain), the headaches were at 10++++! My back pain was unrelenting; it felt like I was being poked with pins and needles. The pain was so bad that while sleeping at night I’d wake up every hour from pain. Needless to say, I wasn’t getting any kind of restful sleep. It seemed sitting in only one position offered any kind of relief. My body was literally tensed up all the time and not able to relax because of pain. When I went for my appointments, all they did was have me do some rehab exercises, massages, and muscle stim. When I’d tell them that the exercises were painful to do, it seemed they didn’t listen or care. I’d cry all the time because I was in so much pain.

I was really getting scared. I was wondering if this was what my life was going to be like – living in severe pain every single day for the rest of my life. I found myself getting pretty depressed about what my future was going to be like.

My friend, who had been in the car accident with me, had started seeing Dr. David Pearson at the same time I started seeing my doctor. She had been trying to get me to switch to Dr. Pearson because had been getting results on a regular basis and was getting out of pain and feeling much better. So, I made an appointment to see him and began care.

That was just 5 days ago! And here’s what’s happened since starting care with Dr. Dave (by the way, I’ve been adjusted every day):

· I am now sleeping better. Instead of waking up every hour from pain, I actually go to bed at 10:30pm and can sleep until 6am! That’s 7 ½ hours of sleep each night!

· My headaches are now at a 1 (not a 10+++)!

· I am able to move around a lot easier.

· The pins & needles sensation in my back is gone.

I am very happy and amazed! What a difference chiropractic adjustments make! I cannot believe at how quickly I have gotten results.

CL/female/age 32

Palm Coast Chiropractic

Dr. David Pearson, DC


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What is health?


What is health? How is it defined? Is it not having any aches and pains and simply feeling good? Is it not having a flu or cold? Is it being able to breathe easily without your chest or lungs hurting? Perhaps you should consider that, maybe, health is something more than any or all of those things.

Chiropractors have always considered health to be something much more: it’s more than not being sick, it’s something more than being pain free. As the World Health Organization defines health, it says “health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”

So, you see, being healthy isn’t just being pain free. It’s about taking care of yourself on three different levels. Our bodies and minds should be functioning well in order to fight off stresses which can affect one’s overall health. This leads to feeling good physically. Mental health means that our needs are being met and that we are relatively happy or satisfied with what is happening in our lives. Social well being refers to the fact that by nature we are social creatures. Correctly functioning minds and bodies leads to better overall health, which in turn, leads to a better ability to function in many different social settings, which leads to “feeling good” on a whole other level.


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A 1992 review of data from over 2,000,000 users of chiropractic care in the U.S., reported in the Journal of American Health Policy, stated that “chiropractic users tend to have substantially lower total health care costs,” and “chiropractic care reduces the use of both physician and hospital care.”

Via: Florida Chiropractic Association

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Neck Isometrics with band exercises


Isometric Cervical Extension

• Place middle of band around back of head.
• Grasp  ends  of band  in hands  with elbows bent, and hold in front of head  as shown

• Keep neck in a neutral position with chin slightly tucked  inward.
• Hold head  and neck steady  and do not allow neck to bend.
• Extend elbows, stretching the  band in front.
• Slowly return and  repeat.


100_2341  Isometric Cervical Side Bending
• Place middle of band  around back of head.
• Grasp both ends of band in hand with bent elbow, to one  side of head  as shown. Keep neck in a
neutral position with  chin slightly tucked inward.
• Extend elbow outward to side, stretching the band  away  from head.
• Hold  head  and  100_2342neck steady  and  do not  allow neck to bend.
• Slowly return and repeat  extending with  other  hand.




Isometric Cervical Rotation100_2343 • Place middle of band around back
of head. Cross the ends of band
over forehead.
• Grasp ends of band at eye level
near head as shown. Keep neck
in a neutral position with chin
slightly tucked inward.
• Extend one elbow outward to side,
stretching the band away from head.
• Hold head and neck steady and do not allow to rotate.
• Slowly return and repeat extending with other hand.

*Caution: User must wear suitable eye protection such as safety goggles during this
exercise to protect against possibility of eye injury as a result of the band or  tube
snapping towards the face  if grip is lost or  if the band or  tube breaks. ‘

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How well educated is my chiropractor?

Today’s Doctors of Chiropractic have six or more years of College Education:

Have you ever wondered justdeploma how much education your Chiropractic Doctor has? The facts may very well surprise you.

Today, at least six years of highly specialized college training are required to graduate from an accredited Chiropractic College and gain licensure. Today, Chiropractic has gained recognition comprehensive, scientifically sound force among the healing arts.  Only Chiropractic specifically concerns itself with the interrelationship of structure and body functions.  Chiropractic further does not use drugs or surgical alternatives therefore utilizing a drugless, nonsurgical method of treatment, primarily the spinal adjustments.

Look below to see that the Doctor of Chiropractic and Medical school graduates are required to take extensive educational courses with Chiropractors actually taking more courses that directly relate to the bodies ability to heal.

Above the noted classes, a Chiropractic Doctor also spend about 600 hours of externship, which qualifies them for licensure if they successfully pass all college and state board examinations.

MEDICAL                                CHIROPRACTIC
Class Hours            Subject            Class Hours
(Minimum)                                (Minimum)

508                Anatomy                520
326                Physiology                420
401                Pathology                205
325                Chemistry                300
114                Bacteriology                130
324                Diagnosis                420
112                Neurology                320
148                X-ray                    217
144                Psychiatry                65
198                Obstetrics/Gynecology        65
156                Orthopedics                225
2,756                TOTAL HOURS            2,887

Other required subjects for the Doctor of Chiropractic: adjusting, spinal manipulation, kinesiology, and other subjects related to this specialty.
Other required subject for the Doctor of Medicine: pharmacology, general surgery, and other subjects related to this specialty.

4,248                                    4,485

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Patient testimonial on low back pain

In mid-February I began having lower back pain which was burning and achy in nature. By the end of 4 days I was in real agony! I originally thought that it would ease up on its own, but the pain just got worse and worse; it got to the point where I could hardly even walk! I had taken Tylenol but it didn’t even touch the pain that I was having!

A friend of mine recommended I go see Dr. David B. Pearson. When I called I was  in such pain that Dr. Pearson’s staff got me in the very same day! By now, the pain was so bad that I couldn’t even drive myself – my husband had to drive me to my appointment!

My first impression of Dr. Pearson was that he was very professional. I felt that he addressed my problem very well. He also gave me a very thorough examination.

Since beginning with chiropractic care, my back pain is pretty much gone. But, I know that, over time, without regular chiropractic adjustments, my back pain could eventually go back to being severe again — and I definitely wouldn’t want that to happen!


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10-40% of our calories should come from Beans/Legumes.

A legume fruit is a simple dry fruit that develops from a simple carpel and usually dehisces (opens along a seam) on two sides. A common name for this type of fruit is a pod, although the term “pod” is also applied to a few other fruit types, such as vanilla and radish. Well-known legumes include alfalfa, clover, peas, beans, lentils, lupines, mesquite, carob, soy, and peanuts.


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What happens to us when we chose to live with resentment

I think Esther Lederer described best what happens to us when we chose to live with resentment.  vision

In the long run we inevitably hurt ourselves more than others do. Someone in the past did something that we found hurtful. They did or said something, or failed to do or say something, and we experienced physical or emotional hurt. It’s bound to happen. Each instance of hurt only happened one time in our past, and yet we have the faculty of memory that allows us to recall that incident over and over, and thus hurt ourselves over and over again. That’s how in the long term we can end up hurting ourselves more than the other person did.

Esther Lederer: “Hanging onto resentment is letting someone you despise live rent-free in your head.”

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most common causes of neck pain

 doctors and nurses Injury and Accidents: A sudden forced movement of the head or neck in any direction and the resulting “rebound” in the opposite direction is known as whiplash. The sudden “whipping” motion injures the surrounding and supporting tissues of the neck and head. Muscles react by tightening and contracting, creating muscle fatigue, which can result in pain and stiffness. Severe whiplash can also be associated with injury to the intervertebral joints, discs, ligaments, muscles, and nerve roots. Car accidents are the most common cause of whiplash.

Growing Older: Degenerative disorders such as osteoarthritis, spinal stenosis, and degenerative disc disease directly affect the spine.

•             Osteoarthritis, a common joint disorder, causes progressive deterioration of cartilage. The body reacts by forming bone spurs that affect joint motion.

•             Spinal stenosis causes the small nerve passageways in the vertebrae to narrow, compressing and trapping nerve roots. Stenosis may cause neck, shoulder, and arm pain, as well as numbness, when these nerves are unable to function normally.

•             Degenerative disc disease can cause reduction in the elasticity and height of intervertebral discs. Over time, a disc may bulge or herniate, causing tingling, numbness, and pain that runs into the arm.

Daily Life: Poor posture, obesity, and weak abdominal muscles often disrupt spinal balance, causing the neck to bend forward to compensate. Stress and emotional tension can cause muscles to tighten and contract, resulting in pain and stiffness. Postural stress can contribute to chronic neck pain with symptoms extending into the upper back and the arms.

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I have experienced extraordinary and life-altering changes in my health since beginning chiropractic care.


   Nurse4Patient Testimonial (Asthma)  

I was diagnosed with Asthma approximately 10 years ago. Since that time I have been put on numerous medications and inhalers in an attempt to “control” my Asthma. The medical profession explained to me that Asthma is not curable thus, these medications and inhalers were required to assist me in my attempt to maintain a quality standard of life. The one thing that wasn’t discussed was that I must depend on these medicines in order to play on the playground with my children, to go hiking, to go camping… to LIVE! In addition, I was inundated with the cost it took to keep up with the prescriptions.

     Then I came to see Dr. Dave. After just a few short months, chiropractic did what all those medications did not in 10 years. I have nearly no effects from Asthma. I use NO medications or inhalers at all!! I am free to enjoy my life without depending on a prescription. The supposed incurable disease I was diagnosed with is seemingly “cured”.

     I want to share my personal victory with any and all individuals in hopes that they can experience the incredible benefits of chiropractic, as I surely did!


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