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    Mental Attitude: Chew On This! People who maintain the ability to chew are less likely to develop dementia. This study shows a link between having no teeth and losing cognitive function more rapidly. The action of chewing makes … Continue reading

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Have you been told you would have to have carpal tunnel surgery?

  Our Patients Speak I had a car accident back on Sept. 14, 2010. I was prescribed to wear wrist braces. For a year I wore them every day and night. Frankly, I became dependant on them to reduce my … Continue reading

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What is health?

  What is health? How is it defined? Is it not having any aches and pains and simply feeling good? Is it not having a flu or cold? Is it being able to breathe easily without your chest or lungs … Continue reading

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Neck Isometrics with band exercises

View Full Album   Isometric Cervical Extension • Place middle of band around back of head. • Grasp  ends  of band  in hands  with elbows bent, and hold in front of head  as shown • Keep neck in a neutral … Continue reading

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10-40% of our calories should come from Beans/Legumes.

A legume fruit is a simple dry fruit that develops from a simple carpel and usually dehisces (opens along a seam) on two sides. A common name for this type of fruit is a pod, although the term “pod” is … Continue reading

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Chiropractic Benefits People with Mesothelioma Symptoms

I received an E-mail from Mesothelioma Resource Online asking me to review their site because it explains how chiropractic and other alternative healthcare providers are beneficially helping patents with mesothelioma symptoms. “After coming across your site, Pearson Family Chiropractic Center, … Continue reading

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Thera-band Shoulder Exercises

Thera-Band Cuff Weight Scaption Attach the cuff weights to your wrists. Lift your arm out to your side and slightly forward (about 30 degrees from your body). Keep your elbow straight and palm facing forward. Lift to shoulder level, hold … Continue reading

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Chiropractic is a soundly-based and valuable branch of health care

NEW ZEALAND COMMISSION REPORT A particularly significant study of chiropractic was conducted between 1978-1980 by the New Zealand Commission of Inquiry. In its 377-page report to the House of Representatives, the Commission called its study “probably the most comprehensive and … Continue reading

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Thera-Band Knee Exercise

Thera-Band Knee Extension (in prone) Wrap the middle of a long band around your foot. Lay on your stomach and hold the other ends of the band over your shoulder. Begin with your knee bent and extend your knee against … Continue reading

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Carrots, What a wonderful food!

Carrots are a wonderful food and an excellent source for carotene, which is converted to vitamin A in the human body. Carrots also provide a wide variety of other essential vitamins, B1, B2, C, D and E which are antioxidants … Continue reading

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